Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Holder Milk Carton

 This is a photo holder I made for a H2H challenge. You had to use stripes and
dots, so of course the Dotty 4 U paper spang to mind! I got the milk carton from Close To My Heart's My Creations line. I used Olive, Sweet Leaf and Tulip inks. Pacific Ribbon, and 2 Pin Clips. For the stamps I used Fashionista, Rock the Block, and Love Life.

This is the Front.
Side One

Side 2


  1. Hi Rebecca. I love your photo holder. Such a clever idea and very cute. I've found the photos look cleaner when I put a piece of plain cardstock behend the project. You might try that. Other than that, things look great. Keep it up, and you'll learn as you go along!

  2. Hi Becca, the school teacher is about to come out a little bit and it comes from a good place. When writing posts I suggest read it over before posting spelling is kind of important. Like I said this is coming from a good place. I'm not the best speller at times so I use google chrome it has a spell check, but other then that is looks good so far. Sarah has a good suggestion too. I don't always do that though. Most of my pictures on my blog are right after I made project and using my ipad because its quick and easy.

  3. Thank you both, Ginger re-reading it now I do agree. I will be more careful next time I post. Sarah thanks for the advice I will do that on the next project I post!!