Friday, August 10, 2012

Artiste Day 10!

The Artiste hop goes on! You should have just come from Laila's Blog, If you didn't don't worry! I will have a complete list at the end!  So today I am a very triumphiant Concultant. Why you ask? Well because I mastered the 20 Circle ball!! I have the pictures to prove it. :) Since to day was a free day I made a hostess gift purse also. Just a reminder to everyone joining us, this blog hop is devoted to the new cartridge, Artiste. If you have any questions or want to buy the cart please just leave a comment or email me!
Artiste Bundle
The Hostess gift purse and the ball.
So the first thing I want to talk about is the 20 circle ball. I have to thank Denise Hobbs (fellow Hopper) because she is the one who gave me the hint I needed to figure this out. I read her blog post on it and in her last paragraph she talks about putting the middle in. So the secret is after you put your first group of 5 together that is your top. The next thing you want to do is attach one circle to each flap on one side one only.

It will look like the picture in the left when you are done. Your next step is to adhere one circle on both sides in between the ones you just put on. After you do this you will be able to clearly see where the last 5 will go. It will look like the picture on the right. The finished product will be  a ball.

 The picture on the left is the ball hanging on my porch at night. The picture on the right is against the wall in my apartment.

Next I want to tell you about my Hostess gift purse. It is cut at 4.5 inches with Lucy Paper. I used the wooded color ready shapes (garden variety) to give it a little flair. This was simple to put together and comes out looking amazing. It is page 32 in the handbook. There are several different purse shapes, but I like this one because it have the little pocket inside! If you cut it smaller it would be perfect for gift cards of jewlery!  I am calling it my hostess gift purse because I plan to put hostess gifts inside!                                                                                                                                                              The picture below is the purse closed and ready to give. The strip along the bottom was just the zip strip from the paper I used
The Front of the Purse

The inside. I used the two reinkers as place holders, but I plan on putting  the petite perks stamp set I have in there!

Purse form the back.
Your next stop should be Adeline, The full list is also below! Happy Hopping.

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  1. I'm glad that tip worked for you. I had a really hard time figuring this one out at first.