Saturday, August 11, 2012

Artiste Day 11

You should have just come from Lalia's blog, . If you are starting here don't worry just keep following and you will circle back around!

Today I made some of the accordion Flowers. These are super simple to make, you just cut out 2 strips of paper, at your desired size, and fold on your score marks, glue the ends together to make a circle, push your circle down in the middle and secure with a circle on the back. I also add an embellishment on the front, in the middle for extra security. I cut all mine at 2.5 inches today. I thought of ornaments when I saw these, as I am gearing up for Christmas. To make this an ornament I just added some hemp or bakers twine to my back circle with Liquid Glass.
This is all 4 that I made. Sorry the picture is so dark!

I chose not to make this one an ornament. I may add it to a wreath.

It is hard to see but this one actually will hang. It tips forward a little when it does so it
 is best hung from some were high.

I solved the tipping forward on this one by also securing it to the top
 as well as the middle.

This is the middle embellishment. It says Live Love Laugh.

This is by far the smallest one. I think it would look the best on a tree,
tho not a traditional Christmas Color

Your next stop should be Adeline!  I have included a full list of the hop below in case you get lost on your cyber travels!

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  1. I need to make a few of these to try out this feature! Great!