Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Artiste Day 9! Flower top box.

You should have just come from Laila's blog, . I can't wait to get to check hers out!

Just to catch anybody who has been out of the loop up, this is a blog hop to show off Close To My Heart's new Cricut Cartridge Artiste. It is a great deal, 125.00 worth of products for 99.00! You get 3 exclusive csized stamp sets, 3 dimensional elements and the cartridge! The cartridge has over 700 images and the creative possibilities are endless!

The shape we made today is the Flower top box. Now I must say after first putting it together I thought I had done it wrong, because it looks more 2-D than 3-D. I looked through the assembly handbook over and over and tried refolding a thousand times before I realized I had it right! lol. After I accepted to the shape I saw all the things you could do with this. Of course there are gift cards, but I also thing these would hold scavenger hunt clues. Plus it is a great way to have a unique cover for business cards. Just glue them to the bottom and people can open them up. I guarantee they will remember you! I do not have anything on the inside of mine right now. The only thing I wish I had thought of before is the embellishments! There is not a ton of room for them, but I will think it through better next time I make it!

I used Twine wrapped around it to give it a gift wrapped feel. I love the hat pins. They are a favortite embellishment of mine!
This is the view if you are holding it up looking at it.

This is looking straight down at it. Close up of my embellishment.

Looking straight down at it.

So next you should be headed to Adeline's blog,  She is always so inspiring! If you got lost along the way I have a complete list below of all the blogs! Make sure you see everyone's lovely creations! Happy Hopping!

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